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Welcome to SD Marine


SD MARINE. Inc. is a company that specializes in the field of amphibious boats with its own research and development.

SD Marine is a prospective world-leading provider of advanced amphibious boats for professional and recreational use. In 2014, SD MARINE has registered 3 patents for the amphibious boat and applied for 3 additional patents for their own innovative technologies. At the 2014 Busan International Boat Show, SD Marine's exclusive technology has been widely recognized, winning the 'Boat of the Year' category. SD MARINE is a promising and venturing company, which is involved in organising orders from foreign merchants and raising its stature as a leading amphibious boat manufacturer.

Recognizing that each owner, organization or agency has its individual specific requirements, each rigid-hulled inflatable boat is custom-built to order. Our team has 10 years of combined experience in the marine industry. Please contact us to take advantage of our in-depth knowledge, so that we can work closely together on building your ideal boat.

Our factory and corporate headquarters are in South Korea. 



- Began development of amphibious boat


- Development of amphibious boat system
- Prototype Boat Test


- Official Registration of SD Marine small business (June)
- Registration of patent for amphibious boat (1 case), 
application of patent (4 cases), PCT registration (1 case)


- Registration of SD Marine Corporation (March)
- Development of an 8m amphibious boat
- Patent registration (2 cases) and the application (3 cases)
- Development of a 7.2m amphibious boat
- Winning the award at the Busan International Boat Industry Exhibition

   (sponsored by the Busan City Council/Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries)


- Expansion of the factory
- Development of 6.8m FreEarth Black.Red boat
- Submission for the Gyeonggi-do International Boat Show / Entries for the Busan International Boat Show
- Submission for Busan International Maritime Defense Industrial Exhibition / order of national tasks / progress (Hanbat University)
- Patent registration (1 case) for automatic converter system for amphibious boats
- MOU Contract with The Marine Network & Youngsan college
- 2015 Innovation Company & Brand Awards (Sponsored by Sports Seoul)
- Winning the award at 2015 Gyeonggi-do International Boat Show 

2016 ~ 2018

- Youngsan College Ship Launching Ceremony (February)
- Submission for 2016 and 2017 Busan International Boat Show (2017 Boat of the Year Award)
- 2017 Submission for International Boat Show (2017 Product of the Year Award)

- Invited submission for Busan 2017 Maritime Safety Expo
- Development of an aluminum boat (6m / 7m / 6 wheel catamaran)
- Process of order for national tasks (RIMS)
- Submission for the 2018 Gyeonggi-do International Boat Show (2018 Product of the Year Award)
- R&D with  Marine Environment Corporation
- MOU contracted with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to provide our products

- MOU contracted with Australia and New Zealand to provide our Products

- MOU contracted with USA to provide our Products




Amphibious boat

Certificate of Patent


Boat of the Year Award


NO. 10-1452293

Amphibious Boat

Certificate of Patent


Brand awards by Sports Seoul


​NO. 10-131609

Amphibious Boat

Certificate of Patent


Venture Company Certificate

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